IAC Version 9.5.51 is latest Official Release (Apr 2014)

The latest release of the IAC Console is 9.5.51 and includes the following new features:

IAC Version 9.2.42 available for fault/fix (Apr 2014)

IAC V9.2.42 is the latest V9.2.x release that is available for fault/fix issues and existing customers who are adding an extra V9 console.

Version 9.2.x still uses the ".ini" configuration files, whereas V9.5.x now uses XML based configuration files.

IAC WebView 3.2 - New release

The new and improved WebView 3.2 has been rebuilt using latest .Net AJAX technologies.

For customers, this means it is easier to configure and customise to suit your specific requirements.

CTI Dial-It Server - low-cost Presence Server

Now released on Windows Server 2008, CTI Dial-It Server provides low-cost "extension" Presence or Busy Lamp Field for IAC Consoles.

Dial-It Server sends extension status (or busy lamp field) information to the IAC Consoles, giving the operator visibility of your phone status.